New Driver Courses

New Driver Course
The beginner driver course is comprised of the following components:
  • 20 Hours of Classroom Training (Lectures, Games, Videos, Group & Individual Quizzes/Tests)
  • 10 Hours of Independent Study
  • 10 Hours of Private In-Car Lessons
Our courses are offered during evenings, weekends or daytime to suit your needs. In the classroom, we use computer simulations, videos, guest speakers and more to keep things interesting and fun. Our students benefit greatly from the small class sizes as they are able to get a lot of individual attention towards learning about driving. Some topics included in the Classroom Training are:
  • Safety Features and Basic Maintenance of a Car
  • Defensive Driving Manoeuvres and Habits
  • Driving in a Variety of Situations (ie. City, Freeway, Country, Rain, Snow, Ice)
  • Laws about Drinking & Driving 
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Road Rage and Demerit Points
  • Insurance
  • Emergency Situations
For the In-Car Lessons we will pick you up and drop you off. The lessons cover all maneouvers and then a road test just like the real thing. Our professional staff make sure each student is fully supported from start to finish so they can have confidence in their driving and be safe on the roads. Promoting safe driving is our top priority.

Customized Beginner Courses
This course covers the same material as the Beginner Driver Course, the difference is that the classroom and in-car lessons are conducted with private sessions.  You proceed at your pace and on your schedule.  This course is best suited to individuals with busy or unpredictable schedules, or students with special needs.
The course is more expensive, but provides the ultimate in flexibility for the student. 
Extra Lessons
Many of our students ask for extra practice sessions and/or special sessions to prepare for tests, learn standard transmission, or just to practice newly learned skills. 
G1 and/or G2 Preparation
Many students feel they require some extra help when preparing for their test.  We make your appointment, help you prepare mentally and physically, provide a reliable vehicle and guide you through the entire process. 
G2 Exit Preparation
This course is designed for the driver who has driven at least one year with a G2 licence and is now ready to attempt to get their 'G' licence.  It consists of three hours of training, plus the use of one of our cars for the test.
Hour 1: Instruction on the test components
Hour 2: Mock Test
Hour 3: Test Preparation
Hour 4: Test for 'G' Class licence