Rehabilitation Courses

Trauma Rehabilitation
This is a specialized program which in most cases caters to the individual and works in conjunction with other medical and health professionals. Please contact Howson Driving School for further details.
Physical Rehabilitation and Stroke Recovery
These programs begin with a one hour driving assessment and individual plans are then created to aid the client in their return to driving. In many cases, we are able to shorten the time frame necessary and provide useful techniques that allow the student to adapt to their current medical situation.
Handicap Training
This service is provided on a case by case basis, since handicaps can be so varied. We provide training and assistance with vehicle modifications for people requiring hand controls, ramps, specialty mirrors and much more. 
We work with a variety of suppliers and insurance companies in order to make your training a pleasure and not a problem. We work with the student that is new, or with those that are trying to return to driving.