Off-Road Courses

Off-Road and 4WD Training
This is a full day course in the field. Students will be taught proper 4-wheel drive and off-road driving technique including snow, mud, rocks, hills, sand recovery techniques and safety requirements. Students are required to demonstrate an ability to drive in each of these environments and demonstrate proper safe use of the vehicle at all times.
ATV & UTV Training
All terrain vehicles can be a lot of fun, but without proper training they can be very dangerous. We offer a day course which is primarily hands-on. Students are taught the reasons that ATV/UTV use is often described as dangerous at best. Safe handling of an ATV/UTV requires knowledge of the technology and the ability to read the terrain. 
This course teaches you how to negotiate hills, rock, mud, water, and provide skills in cornering, braking safety, and ecosystem preservation. Safety techniques and requirements in all areas are demonstrated and taught. In addition, students will be given the chance to practice safe recovery techniques if they become stuck.
Successful candidates will be certified through the Canada Safety Council which is recognized nationally.  This course is designed to be useful for all riders from novice to advanced. This course is used by recreational riders, government agencies and private corporations as a means of reducing the chance of injury within their organization.